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Dude on left, shooting some off-camera person. Sorry man.

Dude in middle, shooting some office worker a floor above. Oops.

Dude on right, shooting dude on left. His shocked accidental follow up shot will probably blow off Sharon’s head. Hope that’s her last will and testament she just got done proofing in front of her.

Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

Sure, I know it’s just a goofy pic. But dammit. We keep visually printing ourselves to put fingers on triggers. What makes a gun go bang? Pulling the trigger. So if you play around with a ‘fake’ dangerously, guess what happens if you have to handle the real thing?

TNT has it right: BOOM.

(Source: fatima-xo)

help me understand the blue word bubble reply thingie

Some ppl can reply to my posts & it shows up via a little blue word bubble. Sometimes I can reply to other ppls post via that little blue word bubble thingie. But I don’t see a way to add it to my blog options? I only have an edit icon, reblog, like, etc. But not little blue word bubble thingie. And I can’t figure out how to activate it in my settings—or if maybe some blog themes don’t have it as an option? Does any of this make sense?

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