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I’ve lived in the South for years, and I just moved to the upper North East and I’m freezing my ass off. I have no clothes for this frigid climate. It snows and sleets and rains icy snow/sleet/tears of god. I don’t have decent gloves or mittens or boots and I don’t have a winter coat. WTF was I thinking? Oh yeah. I moved for love. But you know what? LOVE ISN’T KEEPING ME WARM. My nose is never not cold. Also my ears, toes, fingers and butt. Yes, that’s right. Even my ass is cold. I keep wandering out into the harsh new weather and I find myself wondering aloud: who makes this? What is the point of this snow? I can’t. How can anyone want to be out in this? Who are these people jogging? How are they keeping their lungs from freezing? Why is that teenager wearing shorts!? WHO JOGS IN SLEET?

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